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Green injection moulded UV stabilized plastic stadium seatStadium Seat

Isometric view of plastic stadium seatStadium Seat

Stadium Seats

The stadium seats or "plastic chair shell only" are made to order with a minimum quantity of 1000 units. However, we can supply smaller orders with stock from previous production overruns, which will be a specific colour. Please call to enquire about any potential stock on hand for small orders. The stadium seats are manufactured with injection molded UV stabilized virgin polypropylene material. Ideal for outdoor or indoor applications. Assembly is required and they are not supplied with mounting screws due to the various different mounting substrates. They could be mounted to concrete, wood, steel brackets etc. all requiring different types of screws for attachment.

Colour: as required

Material: Polypropylene (UV Resistant)

The Stadium Seats are adult size only.

Size: cm (h) x cm (w) x cm (d)

Weight:  1,27 Kg





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